How long to cook a turkey in a convection oven

cook a turkey in a convection ovenPeople usually prefer to cook turkey in a convection oven as these ovens help in fine browning, even cooking and that too within a much shorter time than the traditional ones. These ovens speed up the warm air with fans and circulate it all over the meat which results in a faster and better cooking. Below are given some points on how long to cook a turkey in a convection oven.

Pre-heat your oven at 300 degrees. When you are asking how long to cook a turkey in a convection oven, here is the answer.

6-10 pounds: from 1and1/4 – 1 and ¾ hours.
Ten-14 pounds: from 1 and ¾ -2 and ¼ hours.
14-18 pounds: from 2 and ¼ – 2 and ½ hours.
18-22 pounds: from 2 and ½ – 3 hours
22- 24 pounds: from 3- 3 and ¾ hours.

How long to cook a turkey in a convection oven if you are planning to cook a stuffed turkey?
6-10 pounds: from 2-2 and ¼ hours.
Ten -14 pounds: from 2 and ¼ – 2 and ½ hours.
Fourteen to 18 pounds: from 2 and ½ – 3 hours.
Eighteen – 22 pounds: from 3 – 3 and ½ hours.
22-24 pounds: from 3 and ½ – 3 and ¾ hours.

While roasting your turkey in a convection oven you must place the bird on the poultry shelf in the shallow pan. Hot air would be circulated all over and under the meat for browning and even cooking. Rub the bird with melted butter prior to roasting it. Some people tend to wrap the bird with a foil wrapper if the skin gets too brown. Then use a meat thermometer (oven friendly) to gauge the internal temperature from the thickest portion of the bird’s thigh. If the temperature rises up to 165 degrees F, your turkey treat is ready to serve.

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Easy to fix up turkey wing recipes

Do you love turkey wings and are looking for an easy to fix up turkey wing recipes? Well, the article below provides you with 2 simple turkey wing recipes and both of these are big hits with all meat lovers.

Well, the first one is one of the best turkey wing recipes. The ingredients needed to prepare it are two turkey wings (which would be cut at the joints and make sure to discard the wing tips), 1 tbsp of seasoned salt, 1 tsp of seafood seasoning, 1 tsp of cayenne pepper, 2 teaspoons of garlic powder and finally one gallon of canola oil needed to deep fry the wings. Now for the directions, first flavor the bird wings on each of its sides with seafood seasoning, seasoned salt, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. Then, place the turkey in a bag (a plastic one) and refrigerate for the whole night. Then, heat the oil in your large saucepan or deep fryer till 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, place the turkey wings on the pan and cook it in hot oil for up to 15 minutes. Turn them over and go on cooking for another ten to15 minutes till the pinkish marks disappear from the bones.

For the second recipe, wash the wings thoroughly and sprinkle some sea salt over them. Then, mix some mesquite seasoning as per the instructions given on the pack. You can make a mixture of olive oil and water with this dry seasoning. Now, place the bird wings inside a big cooking bag. However, do not forget to pour 1 full tablespoon of flour into the bag before placing the turkey wings inside. Then, pour the entire marinade over the turkey in your bag and seal it. Shake it for a proper blend inside and leave it for 30 minutes. Finally, pierce some holes on the bag and cook it in the oven for 90 minutes till the temperature reaches 375 degrees.

turkey wing recipes

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How long to cook a 20 pound turkey par perfection

Planning for a 20 pound turkey treat? Well, here are three methods of cooking all laid out for you:

cook a 20 pound turkeyFirstly, take out you’re your frozen turkey and do not forget to thaw it before you start the cooking. You have to rinse the entire bird and remove its giblets. You can flavor it with any additional herb and then put it on the roasting pan. Pre-heat the oven by 325 degrees. Now place it in your oven. You need to cook the bird for at least 4 hours and 30 minutes if you want to know how long to cook a 20 pound turkey par perfection. Finally, if the temperature has reached up to 165 degrees F, your turkey is ready for the guests.

Turkey with stuffing both sounds and tastes excellent. But make sure to cook the stuffing in advance otherwise it would take an excessively long cooking time if you are asking how long to cook a 20 pound turkey. Now, clean your turkey and put the stuffing inside it. Then place the bird in your roasting spray in the 325 degrees cooking oven. After that, cook for minimum 4 hours, 45 minutes. And yes don’t forget to check that the meat temperature goes up to minimum 165 degrees F prior to taking it out from your oven.

Now are you planning for deep fry? Well, deep frying the bird takes lesser time and even comes with a special flavor that you can’t achieve in the conventional roasted treat. Put oil in the pan and wait till the temperature increases up to 350 degrees prior to lowering the meat in your frying pot. And when you are asking how long to cook a 20 pound turkey while deep frying, the answer is 3 minutes per pound, i.e. 60 minutes on the whole for your 20 pounds turkey. Make sure to check the internal temperature by a meat thermometer to at least 165 degrees.

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Learn how to cook turkey in an oven

Are you going to plan a delicious turkey treat for the next upcoming weekend party? Well, great and it’s a fantastic idea to woo your guests who will surely appreciate you for being such a gracious host. So, let’s start off. They always advise to opt for a roaster oven as it takes lesser cooking time than the conventional ones.

Besides, a roaster oven would even clear up your space. It implies that you would be getting more space to cook up the desserts and side dishes. But before everything you should learn how to cook turkey in an oven. This article discusses how you can cook turkey in your roaster oven. The ingredients to cook turkey here are a 10-14 pound turkey (especially when you are planning it for 8-10 people), a roaster, melted butter, pepper and salt, to taste and finally a meat thermometer.

cook turkey in an ovenFirstly, take out your frozen turkey. However, do not go for immediate cooking since the frozen bird requires to be properly thawed first. After that, wash the bird thoroughly and remove its giblets. Then put it in your oven on its meat rack. Brush the bird with melted butter. Then, season it with pepper, salt, lemon or even some additional herbs would be good for a nice flavor. Now set the oven temperature at 350 degrees F. It’s much higher than the normal cooking temperature but the roaster cooks more rapidly in comparison to a traditional oven. Now, bake the bird for a minimum 15 minutes- 17 minutes / pound. Then, insert your meat thermometer inside the thickest portions of the bird’s thigh. The temperature must reach up to 180 degrees F with the internal one being 165 degrees F (if it’s stuffed bird). If so, your turkey is ready to be served.

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How long to cook turkey per pound with perfection?

how long to cook turkey per poundHow long to cook turkey per pound to make it soft and supple is a question that concerns every chef. And needless to say, it is a very critical question indeed!  However, if you are planning to cook turkey for your guests next week, there are a few things you need to understand. Cooking turkey is a long and tiring event and you have to ask yourself the question how long to cook turkey per pound, a day before your guests arrive. If you plan a bit in advance the turkey will be ready so that your guests can carve it and dig in.

To calculate the time you need to cook your turkey, first weigh your turkey. If your turkey is one pound, it will be mentioned in print on the packaging. Now, multiply the weight of your turkey by 15. The answer of this calculation will be the number of minutes for which the turkey needs to be cooked. So, 1 pound x 15 is equal to 15 minutes. Therefore per pound of your turkey must be cooked for at least 15 minutes. Now, isn’t that simple? However, if your turkey is stuffed the calculation will be a bit different. In case of stuffed turkey the calculation will be the number of pounds x 15 plus 15 minutes. So for 1 pound of stuffed turkey, you will have to set aside a cooking time of 30 minutes.

Once, you have cooked your turkey for the amount of time stipulated; insert the cooking thermometer into the thigh of the turkey. Make sure that the thermometer is inserted in the thickest part of the thigh. If your turkey is not stuffed, ensure that the temperature is 180 degrees F before you take in out of the oven. For stuffed turkey, the temperature of the stuffing needs to be 165 degrees F. Now, that you know how long to cook turkey per pound, making a turkey roast will be really easy.

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Tips on turkey cooking times

A common question asked by a lot of inexperienced cooks is that, for how long they should cook a turkey to make it all perfectly crisp on the outside and moist and tender on the inside. Now, lots of recommendations are given for turkey cooking times, but if you stick to a few simple yet essential tips, fixing up that perfect turkey dinner is no big deal. Cooking timings differ considerably on the proportion of meat you are using. For instance if you are cooking turkey breasts, that will require far more less cooking time than a full roasted turkey with stuffing. But the key to cooking it perfectly is to reach the right internal temperature.

turkey cooking time tipsTo help in determining the internal temperature, you can purchase a cooking thermometer which is easily available everywhere. Stick the thermometer in the turkey and determine the internal temperature. For a turkey breast, 170 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature. If you are cooking a full sized turkey weighing around 10 to 18 pounds, three and a half to four hours straight at 325 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect. Do not forget to baste the turkey every twenty minutes to half an hour to keep it moist. Stick to this turkey cooking times, and fixing that perfectly roasted turkey will be no big deal.

Now, while cooking a roasted turkey attention should be paid to a lot of things. For instance the whole turkey needs to be cooked evenly including the stuffing. If you want a faster variant, you can use a roasting bag. Unlike the usual 4 hours, you can easily cook a 10 pounds turkey to perfection within a couple of hours in a roasting bag. Thus, the options are varied, pick the one you prefer and fix up that lip smacking and finger licking turkey dinner for your family.

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Healthy ground turkey recipes for meat lovers

Looking for some healthy ground turkey recipes? Well here are given two lip smacking yet healthy ground turkey recipes for meat lovers.

Healthy ground turkey recipesThe first one is of the best low-fat and healthy ground turkey recipes. The ingredients needed here are Soy sauce (2 tbsp), corn starch (1 tsp), finely shredded Chinese cabbage (4 cups), mung bean (1 cup), grated carrot (1/2 cup), 2 sliced green onions, 4 garlic (chopped), ground turkey (1/2 pound), grated ginger root (2 tsp), 14-16 skins of egg roll. Mix corn starch with soy sauce and set it aside. Get a non-stick cooking pan and pour 1 tbsp of cooking oil. Then, add and stir the ginger and garlic for 2-3 seconds. Also add onions, carrot, bean sprouts and cabbage on the pan and fry till the cabbage gets wilted. Now, remove them from the pan and add the ground meat and the remaining garlic cloves. Fry the meat till the pink marks disappear. Drain off the fat. Now, add the vegetables and soy + starch mixture to the pan and stir fry all these for 1 minute till it gets thickened. Turn the egg roll like diamond and fill it by ¼ cup of filling and fold tightly. Moisten the upper part with a little water. Make 14 of them and place on the pan with enough space in between. Bake for at least 20 minutes.

The 2nd one needs ground turkey, wanton wrappers (each 1 packet), 1 chopped onion, two green onions and soy sauce. First crumble the meat into your pan and then cook it until brown. Then take another pan to saute your onions with the meat. Pour soy sauce on the mixture and cook it for minimum 10 minutes. Then let it cool. Now take the cooled meat (by 1 spoon) and place it on the wanton wrapper. Fold the wrapper tightly and seal it with water. Then, place them into oil (which is set at high heat) and cook till the wantons turn deep golden.

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Tips on how long to cook a turkey breast

Thanksgiving is an important festival for most of us. If you are the host this time and the turkey cooking is your responsibility, going for the breast turkey dish is a good idea. It’s good, easy to make and is a no fail plan given you follow the right method to cook it. If you are confused about things like what kind of marinating technique should be used and how long to cook a turkey breast, just keep reading and find your doubts melting away in no time.

cook a turkey breastFirst of all, the bird should be bought from a reputed supermarket so as to ensure its freshness quotient and quality. It should also be weighed properly before buying. It’s always a good idea to select the cut from the grocery storage unit yourself, to be more sure about what you exactly want. Or if you’re confused tell the shopkeeper to give you a cut of so and so weight approximately, for a turkey breast dish. After going home, unwrap it, wash it, cool it and marinate it accordingly. Give it ample time to take in all the flavours during the marinating process. Now if you are using some kind of stuffing, then the time it should take per pound to get cooked is about 25 to 30 minutes. So after the turkey is moist enough weigh it and set the time and temperature accordingly.

For unstuffed turkey breast, it takes about 10 minutes less to get cooked. When the internal temperature of the turkey reaches 170 degrees Fahrenheit after being in the oven, you’ll know that your dish is done. Use some herbs, spices and special sauces to give it a tangy taste. Also using a honey coat is a good option. So follow these and you will be ready to cook a breast turkey any time and any day of the year.

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What temperature to cook a turkey with Christmas stuffing

temperature to cook a turkeyAre you absolutely inexperienced in cooking a roasted turkey and have got no idea about how to fix up a turkey dinner? Wondering at what temperature to cook a turkey to make it all crisp on the outside and moist inside? If so, fret no further, with simple guidelines you will be able to cook just the perfect lip smacking roasted turkey. Now, if you want the end result to be delicious, start early and defrost the turkey completely. If it isn’t defrosted perfectly the inner cavity of the bird won’t cook properly and hence your hard work will all go down the drains.

Next, prepare the stuffing for the turkey and cook it separately before filling in the turkey. A common mistake is to overstuff the bird. Try to loosely stuff the bird and make it a point not to overdo it. Next prepare the basting sauce for the turkey with dried herbs of your choice and melted butter. While roasting, use this sauce to baste the bird every half an hour. Now, coming to what temperature to cook a turkey in an oven, 325 degrees Fahrenheit is usually recommended. The timing should depend on the proportion of meat you are cooking. For instance, a ten to eighteen pound turkey will require nothing less than three to four hours to cook perfectly. The timing goes up as you increase your proportion.

You can also use a cooking thermometer to check whether the meat is done or not. Stick the thermometer into the turkey and see whether it has reached a 170 degrees Fahrenheit in the breast area and 180 degrees Fahrenheit in the thigh. The stuffing should be around 165 degrees Fahrenheit. These are the optimum temperature and if you stick to these guidelines, your turkey would be cooked perfectly enough.

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Guidelines on how long to cook a stuffed turkey

Planning for a stuffed turkey treat? Well, that’s an excellent delicacy but you must have the proper knowledge on how long to cook a stuffed turkey before attempting this feat. It is because as per the different university studies, an undercooked turkey carries 2 dangerous types of bacteria called campylobacter and salmonella. Both these germs affect our gastrointestinal tract causing stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting and fever and the stuffing inside the bird tends to absorb the germs since the meat cooks surrounding it. Hence it’ a must have to gain a proper understanding on how long to cook a stuffed turkey. Thus, have patience and take caution during the preparation of the stuffed bird and make a point to get a thermometer for checking both the external and internal temperature of the meat.

cook a stuffed turkeyBut first, you have to know about the exact weight of your turkey as the cooking time varies depending on the pounds. The usual cooking norm is nearly 15 minutes per pound of the bird. But as you want to know how long to cook a stuffed turkey, you have to add 5-7 minutes of excess cooking time with each pound which goes up to 27 minutes per pound. Check the packing, the weight should be written on it. In fact, most of the turkeys are bought at a rate per pound, so, it’s easy to determine about its exact weight while cooking.

As per Food Safety and Inspection Service, the turkey meat should reach up to 165 degrees F. To reach up to this particular temperature, roast your stuffed bird at nearly 325 degrees F. For the 8-12 pound bird, the cooking time would be 3- 3 and 1/2 hours. A 12-14 pound takes 4- 4 and ¼ hours. A 14 – 18 pound takes 4- 4 and 1/4 hours and the 18-20 pound would require 4 and ¼ – 4 and ¾ hours. The 20-24 pound stuffed bird demands 4¾ – 5¼ hours.

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